Senior Meal Planning & Preparation


Meal Planing for seniors sarasotaDo you or your loved one find it difficult to adhere to doctor's and medication guidelines when it comes to nutritious meal planning? Do you have special dietary needs?

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The elderly need nutritious well-balanced meals. Flexible, state-licensed home care services are available temporarily or permanently, part-time or around-the-clock, live-in or live out so you can rest assured you or your loved one is getting the required daily nutrition. Meal planning and preparation according to your individual dietary needs ensure there are no interactions with the prescribed medications.

Is nutritious meal planning a challenge? Creating an appropriate meal plan encourages an appetite leading to the enjoyment of three nutritious meals a day. We use the recommended food pyramid as a healthy guide to meal planning. We'll even do the grocery shopping. Your shelves will be replenished with the foods and products you are accustomed to using and eating. These include:

Fruits and vegetables
Dairy Products
Whole Grains
Fish and poultry

In addition, we ensure that medication is taken at the designated time, with or without food, as prescribed by the doctor and adhere to all Florida Regulations regarding administration and procedures of drugs and medications.


senior meal planning sarasota
Meal preparation can be difficult for the elderly. We prepare meals and make sure food is ready at mealtime or for easy consumption later. In addition, we ensure you get the proper fluids (6 glasses of water daily) and engage in daily physical activity.

Does your doctor recommend a walk after each meal? We'll accompany you. You're never alone with ElderCare.

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