Peace of Mind Membership

We are the Key to Peace of Mind

senior home care membership sarasotaPeace of Mind Membership is that Rainy Day we were all warned about, saved for, prepared for.
So when that rainy day comes you are prepared with Peace of Mind Membership.

Sometimes we are not prepared for the dawning of a new day.
We are overwhelmed from the sunset of yesterday.
Where can you turn, who can guide you through, you need Peace of Mind.
Too much, too soon, too quick.
Be prepared with Peace of Mind Membership.
A person to talk to, to listen, and to send help if needed.
A new Dawn is too beautiful to miss.


To create Peace of Mind and safekeeping to our client(s) while giving assistance
and comfort in difficulty or distressing times.

Quietly in the back ground and yet ready to provide whatever services are needed
and/or necessary to keep you in your present state or situation without the
feeling of distress.

As well as preserving your home life environment that you have become
accustomed to enjoying. Taking precautions to prevent harm and preserve your
Peace of Mind.

Let us bring you home & settle you in

Pick-up from Facility
Medication pick-up
Pet pick-up
Purchasing food & fridge stocking
Filling pantry with what you need
Lightly house cleaning & dusting
Laundry washing, folding & putting it away
Taking trash out
Transportation for doctor follow-up, to new appointments, to tests, ...
Need anything else? Just ask us!

For more Information and Membership Inquiries please contact us here:

Eldercare Peace of Mind Membership

Sarasota, FL