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5 Tips to Staying Hydrated

staying hydrated

It's no secret that keeping your body properly hydrated is the key that unlocks many health benefits. From our skin to our muscles, our body needs water to keep itself running smoothly. But what if we told you, that simply drinking water wasnt enough?

What if we told you, that even though you may be drinking enough, your body is still hydrated? Recent studies have shown that the human body has a hard time absorbing water.

There are so many factors in our everyday lives that cause us to lose water, that sometimes, the water that we drink doesn't have time to be absorbed by our bodies. That's when we need to take a few steps to help our body out.

hydration tips for seniors
1. Start your day with citrus:
By adding 250-500ml of warm lemon water with a dash of salt to your morning routine, you are setting up your body right. This morning combo will make your body more receptive to water.

2. Drink before you eat:
Start thinking of your glass of water as an appetizer. 250-500ml of water right before your meal can do wonders.

3. Eat your water:
You heard us, eat water! Studies have shown that if you eat water-reach foods such as cucumbers, your body is more easily able to absorb the water.

4. Chia seed orange juice:

This may seem a bit odd, but chia seeds are another great way to help your body get hydrated. By mixing them into your juice, you allow them to absorb the liquid and become a gel-like substance. This gel is then the perfect way for your body to get hydrated.

5. Don't forget your fruit:
Apples, pears, pomegranates, and berries, these are the fruits for you! The high levels of minerals in these fruits are what give them their hydrating super powers. Mix them in a morning smoothie or just add them to your diet throughout the day for an extra water boost!

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