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Are Plant-Based Diets Safe for Seniors

Vegan food for seniors
First things first: We know, plant-based diet is not for everybody. We don't want to change anybody's food plan, but if you are interested in what plant-based food can do for you (and even if it is just once in a while), this is a great read!

By now you have probably heard of a plant-based diet. A diet that contains no meat or anything that could come from an animal. But what is this vegan diet really? A hoax? A millennial trend? Just another diet? Well what if we told you that a plant-based food could actually the key to living a healthier, more sustainable life?

A plant-based diet has definitely gotten more popular in the past years. Whether it is the younger generation trying to take a stand against animal cruelty or it is people simple trying to convert to a healthier lifestyle. There are benefits across the board. The number one factor that stops so many seniors from diving into the world of vegan food is that they are scared. Scared that it could not be safe. Well, listen up….
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Your diet is everything, especially when getting older. All sorts of diseases, including Alzheimer's and Heart disease, are linked to your diet. A plant based diet, can actually help lower your risks. Research has shown that by adopting a plant based diet, your body is actually able to slow the aging process through the increases production of enzymes. That's right, eating plants can help your body feel younger! Research has also proven that cutting out the meat in your diet will boost your immune system. By having to substitute your meat meals with more fruits and vegetables, you are able to completely switch over your body. This results in more stable weight, a stronger immune system, higher energy levels, and even better sleep patterns.
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The most important step to living a plant-based diet is switching over properly! It is important to remember that your body is used to eating a certain way and getting certain proteins, vitamins, and calcium. In order to prevent a shock to your system, you need to learn to substitute all those ingredients with plants. So how do you learn? Through cookbooks and diet plans! No need to do hours of research because professionals have already done that work for you.

A really great resource is:
Plant-Based Primer:

The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Plant-Based Diet

So now that you have everything you need, what's stopping you?


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