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The Importance of Hydration for Seniors

Hydration for Seniors
Your whole life you have probably heard how important it is to stay hydrated. We have that little voice in our heads telling us that we need to be drinking more water but most of us just forget. So what if I told you that drinking more water can actually make you live longer? Interested now?

As we get older, it becomes easier and easier for our bodies to become dehydrated and with that dehydration come all those little aches and problems. As it turns out, water is the key to aging gracefully. Let's start with how it can help your mind. There have been numerous studies that have all concluded that drinking more water actually helps your brain use its full capability. As we age, our body begins to prioritize where it wants to send energy and fuel.
If you become dehydrated on a regular basis, your body is going to begin providing less and less help to your brain, leading to a decrease in your cognitive abilities. Basically by keeping your body hydrated you allow your body to keep up its brain power.

Going hand in hand your mind is your body. By staying hydrated you are also able to greatly affect the way you feel physically. It has been proven that those who drink more water on a regular basis have better endurance levels and lower heart rates. Drinking water can actually help you become more active again. Exercise is simply much easier for those who have properly fueled their bodies with water.

And finally we get to the big one, how can drinking more water make you live longer?
Very simple, hydration is a key factor in preventing illnesses. Whether we want to admit it or not, as our bodies age, it becomes increasingly easier to come down with a sickness.

Whether it be something small like a cold or something more serious such as blood pressure issues, our bodies have a hard time fighting off illness. So by drinking more water, you are actually able to give your body extra strength to boost your immune system.

Now something you should really take into consideration when trying to stay hydrated is what you are drinking. Obviously alcohol is not a very effective way to give your body extra fluids, it often has the exact opposite effect. It is also wise to steer clear of soft drinks or anything with a high sugar count as these can be harmful too. The best option is to stick to a combination of water and fruit juices! Stick to something mild and natural.
Fun Fact:
If you are interested in adding something extra to your hydration schedule, non alcoholic beer have been shown to be extremely good for your body, especially after exercise. Alcohol free beer is an isotonic drink which means the nutrients are very similar to the ones found in our own blood making it a healthy drink!

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